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Centrifugal Revolving


CultureLab LIC, Queens, NY, U.S.

This interactive performance was created during the pandemic, to visualize one’s relationships with others. The balls that were used in this piece represent memories and experiences with family, friends, and loved ones to interpret how people are connected every day and every moment even though physical contact was not allowed at that time. People are still mentally tied together.


Audiences were invited to join this performance, interact with the artist, and play with the balls throughout the process. There was a sentence related to a piece of memory or experience written on each ball. They serve as cues that remind people of their past memories with others and aim to be touched, read, and taken away by the audiences. For instance, one might get a ball that has the sentence “Last time you hug your mom” on it. Hsia expects this performance provides participants with a safe space for people to share their common experiences and memories with each other.


The idea is based on Hsia’s self-identity as a part of the “pre-immigrant” group and the BIPOC group during the unstable time. Hsia was once stuck between her hometown Taiwan and the U.S., swinging between the option of staying in the foreign country without permanent residence and going back to her hometown with social pressures against people who travel under the serious spread of the virus. And one of the things that helped her overcome these invisible challenges is the support from people around her. She wants people to remember our intimacy with others always exists beyond the distance.


El Museo, Buffalo, NY, U.S.


Abrons Arts Center, Manhattan, NY, U.S.

FiveMyles, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.

(Videos coming soon.)

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