FACE to FACE, after the pandemic


Collaborating with ARTS By the People, Morristown, New Jersey, U.S.

For the best quality, I highly recommend using a headphone/ earphone to enjoy the stories.

Please listen to the latest episode, voice from Nina Q. Allen, an Artist-Empath-Starseed:

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Collaborating with ARTS By the People as an artist in residence, FACE to FACE, after the pandemic, is a cross-national documentary project about creative people’s experiences during the pandemic at a time of limited socialization. By asking the question, what is helping you get through this period, we would like to invite people to join the conversation and share their stories with others. We hope our common experience will help build community and deepen connections with people from around the world.

To cope with the pandemic and follow the social distancing protocol, all of the interviews were taken place online. We are looking for a one-shot, live conversation that expresses emotions and feelings when participants talk about themselves. To give audiences a sense of “sitting beside a friend in-person” under the pandemic period, I recommend using a headphone/ earphone while listening.

The interviews will only be used in the project. All the recorded files will be edited into a series of podcasts and a final performance art video as my response to this whole process. The performance art video will be premiered in an open event in Nov. Please stay tuned. 

If you would like to know more about the project, please listen to me talking about FACE to FACE as the project introduction:

If you find any fun, healing energy, or values that means something to you in this project, please consider supporting it and me here to keep these wonderful stories going on under this tough time.

This project is about us, history documentary, art and culture sharing, and mental support.

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