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FACE to FACE, after the pandemic


Collaborated with ARTS By the People, Morristown, New Jersey, U.S.

The way we connect with each other has changed. Virtual contacts replace the usual way we interact with others. We “meet” people online, staring into the camera, facing a screen instead of a real person.


Are we being heard when losing the sense of realness from physical interaction?


On the other hand, how can we still show our companionship when we are not able to meet in-person?

Collaborating with ARTS By the People as an artist in residence, FACE to FACE, after the pandemic, is a cross-national podcast project about people’s experiences during the unexpected pandemic at a time of limited socialization. By asking the question, what is helping you get through this period, we collected stories through interviews and made them into podcasts to share with the community. We hope our common experience will help build community and deepen connections with people from around the world.

Please listen to the latest episode below, the voice from Charly Santagado, the choreographer who is the artistic director of Mignolo Dance.

(For the best quality, I highly recommend using a headphone/ earphone to enjoy the stories.)

You may also find the full series in this Youtube playlist!

The project starts with the idea of companionship. While being asked to quarantine at home for health concerns, how do we still stay in solidarity? As an artist, I asked myself what I can do in this period and support people. Working with ARTS By the People, we met different people and shared their voices in order to send out energy, encouragement, and companionships virtually.


To cope with the pandemic and follow the social distancing protocol, all of the interviews were taken place online. We are looking for a one-shot, live conversation that expresses emotions and feelings when participants talk about themselves. To give audiences a sense of “sitting beside a friend in-person” under this pandemic period, I recommend using a headphone/ earphone while listening.

If you find any fun, healing energy, or values that mean something to you in this project, please consider supporting it and me here to keep these wonderful stories going during this tough time.

This project is about us, history documenting, art and culture sharing, and mental support.

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