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Endangered Cycle


14", 22.5"

Besides Human


besides human_relief_draftfinal.jpg

Besides Human is a printing project about my (or humans’) relationship with naturein different time and aspects. People usually talk about human, culture, and society. We live in a human-oriented world. I remember the days after a long artmaking process in the studio, trees, birds and flying petals in the sky caught my eyes every time when I walked out the buildings. They whispered to me about their existences.


To learn more about it, I researched environmental issues and endangered species around the world. I made a draft board of several endangered species around the world as the start.


Simultaneously, utilized two images Map for Discovery and Last Piece of Message to describe two scenes “Age of Discovery” and “the end of the world” which represent human behaviors.


The work Under Ground shows the interactions between. Different species wandering around the mess environment. Last, the two pages of the newspaper tell the beginning and the end. No one knows who will remain on the earth eventually.

Hsiao-Chu_Besides Human_layout.png

Under Ground


39.5", 89"




14", 22"

The word “community” for me is not only about us, the human, but also includes other creatures, our environment, where we live. Nature holds us in hand, and support all the species living on the earth. I hope people can be aware of them when they see my works, then think about what can we do for our environment. Because it is always fine to start with a small change. Maybe don’t grab disposable cutlery, or try to bring your own bag to shop next time.

If you are interested in stories, please feel free to read All Endangered, which is a short story based on two different emotions when facing nature.

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